Global Media & Entertainment Executive Management, Business Development, Corporate Development, Emerging Technology, New Ventures, Cloud Workflows, TransMedia Solution Platforms, TV, Film, Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Major Artist Management, Music, Audio, Video, Broadcast, Live Events


Executive Management

Global media & entertainment company executive management through all phases of growth and professional rounds of financing

Global Emerging 

Technology Platforms

 Global media & entertainment company emerging technology management, development and support in all industry areas.

Business Development

 Global media & entertainment business development management and support in all industry areas

Corporate Development

 Global media & entertainment corporate development, financing and legal support through top-tier firms



 Spector Entertainment, founded by Scott Spector, is focused on global media & entertainment business, strategy, emerging technology, partnerships, marketing, production, post production, major artist management, new ventures and live events supporting major media & entertainment companies, directors, executives and artists based on over (30) years of executive management M&E industry experience.  


"Spector Entertainment provided deep insights into global strategies and new emerging technology areas"

D. Tanikawa